General Instruction
Rule and Regulations

1. No child can be absent without written application.

2. No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons and on previous written application of parents/ guardians., as a rule, not more than one dya’s leave of absence is granted to attend the wedding of a close family member. All applications for leave should be made BEFORE the leave I availed .

3. Tardy arrivals after the vacations may have their names struck off the rolls.

4. Student affected by infections or those who have been exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the required quarantine period before rejoining school. This should be indicated on the medical certificate.

5. School property willfully damaged or destroyed will be required to be repaired. In addition a heavy fine may be imposed .

6. Every student should keep the school campus tidy, neat and clean. Bins are provided for any litter.

7. No books, newspaper/ periodicals may be brought inot the school premises without the principal’s sanction.

8. The school is not responsible for any students loss of property. Studenty are responsible for looking after their books, personal items, etc.

9. No jewellery is to be worn except a watch during examination and no make up of any kind is to be used . Nails are to be kept short.

10. Parents / guardians are requested to notify the school of any change in address or telephone number.

11. Every child is to attend assembly. The hours of class attendance are as notified in the school diary from time to time.

12. No student is permitted to leave the school during class hours for any reason.

13. Servants should be on time to take the children home. The school is not responsible for any children after working hours. Those students who hae to wait for elder sisters will remain with the resident scholars in the classroom.

14. The use of unfair means in an examination promotion may be denied. If the offence is repeated parents / guardians will be requested to withdraw the tudent concered.

15. The electronic gadgets or other form of electronic devices such as MOBILES are nor entitled to have or use in the school campus and they will be confiscated by the Management .