Co-curricular Activity

The purpose of our co-curricular activities is to provide opportunities for the development of the whole person. These activities such as Games and Sports, Social Service League, Celebrations of National days, Children Day, Teachers Day, Drawing Competitions, Essay Competitions, Quiz, Jam, Karate, Yoga, Aerobic and Music etc., encourage originality and initiative. These afford an outlet for the child’s energy and enthusiasm and offer opportunities for the development of individuals and talents.

Games and Sports

Apart from the academic, we also lay equal stress on Games and Sports as well as Physical Education. To develop the sense of sportsmanship, leadership and cooperativeness various events are organized throughout the academic session in a well planned manner. The inter House Competition of different indoor and outdoor activities, both for boys and girls, are organized and the House scoring the maximum points is awarded the Best House Trophy.

Music & Dance

Music and dance classes are taken by the experts of their fields. On the occasion of 'Annual Day Celebration' a grand cultural programme is staged.

Swings And Slides

Swings and Slides are placed beautifully in the garden of the school. Tiny children are taken to the garden for swinging and sliding in the recess.