About St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School

• In 1969 Muzzafarpur

St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School a Minority Institution getting its root from St. Xavier's, Muzzafarpur in1969, has since established 53 more branches all across UP East and UP West and extend its graceful wings to Gonda.

• Gonda, Since 2001 - Training Young Minds For The Challanges Of Tomorrow

In Gonda, Xavier's has been serving the best to cater all intendment of educational fulfillment since 2001. It stands out exceptionally outstanding with its distinguished mold of scholarly notion and marks the global cultivation of a child by inculcating the best within the individual with support of an extremely compressed management and educators by rendering their gracious deeds.

• Social, Cultural, Scientific and Technological

With a vast expanse of area (over 2 acres) Xavier's not only stresses on academics but also overviews the holistic development of the child. it perceives not mere bookish knowledge but inculcates expansive evolution of children. Since its foundation, it has been profoundly flourishing beyond limits and has blended social, cultural, scientific and technological approaches along with modern time and its needs. Humanism is an integral element of Xavier's that is directed to validated the child's learning. To serve that purpose, it consists of highly efficient and concentrated team of mentors, facilitators and prime counselors from all over the country.