Admission Procedure
The academic year begins in April & concludes in March. It is divided into two terms. The first term consists of months from April to September and the second term consists of months from October to March. In the primary section the session is divided into 3 terms (evaluations).

Documents Required for Admission

• Medical certificate

• Two colour photographs of the candidate.

• Transfer Certificate & Marks Sheet of the candidate issued by the school last attended.

• Birth Certificate of the candidate issued by any competent authority.

Admission Procedure

• Admission tests and interviews are conducted at the school campus.

• Selection of students for admission is on the basis of a written test in English and Mathematics based on the general standard of CBSE, followed by an interview.

"The lower age for admission to class I is 6 years on 1st April of the year of joining the school and computed accordingly for higher classes."

• Parents/Guardians have to accompany the child seeking admission.

• The detailed fee structure is appended separately.

Fee Rule

1. Fee will be received at the bank from the 1st till the 10th of the month only. After pay by date as indicated above, a late fee of Rs .10\ per day will be charged from 11th to 31th of every month.

2. If fee is not paid for two consecutive months the name of the defaulter may be struck off the register.

3. All fee and dues should be paid in full before the half yearly, annual, pre board & FA Examination (including the fees of the month of the examination).

4. Fee for the month of March should be paid along with the exam fee in the month of February.

5. Students will not ba allowed to appear for the Exam or Report card will not be issued if all dues are not cleared.

6. Irrespective of the time of admissison, fee are payable for the whole academic year. Non exemption or deduction in fee will be made on account of broken periods holidays, late admission or absence for any cause.

7. ICICI bank , near L.B.S. chauraha, station Road Gonda will received the fees in cash.
Days: From 1st to 10th of the month
Time: During bank hours - 10.30 am to 02.30 pm (all day) -10.30 am to 12.30pm ( Saturday)
Days:From 11th to 31 st of the month in the school Account Section with the late fine. Time: 8.30 am to 2.30pm ( Sunday holiday)

8. Please tender exact amount of fee in cash \card payment \ internet Banking to the bank.

9. If last day of fee collection falls on Sunday or Holidays fee will be collected on the next immediate working day.