Director / Manager's Desk

St. Xavier’s is a distinct Milestone in the field of Education. It aims to develop self-awareness, academic excellence and a global perspective in its student, as also prepare for the 21st century.

A Chinese proverb rightly says,

I hear, and I forget I see and I remember, and I understand.

It is precisely the message of this proverb that we try to implement at our school.

The student are helped to master the expanding horizons of technology as also become the repository of a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture in its pristine form they are sensitized to environmental concern, feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.

The motto of the school is to provide quality education from every elementary level in the city. We at St. Xavier’s are committed to help our students to develop self awareness, academic excellence and global perspective, as also to become the repository of deep commitment to moral values. Indian ethos and culture, so as to transform them in to a true global citizen.

Promising a beautiful journey of schooling at St. Xavier’s.

Director / Manager